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September 11, 2007

Sick as a dog

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I decided to investigate a veterinarian for the pets of homeless and low-income owners. I had been wanting to do this all summer. I finally went on my second-to-last day at my internship. I can’t decide which of these two I’d like to try and get published in Northwest Magazine in a portrait section they have.

Steven and Miriama Talley comfort their dog Starr, an American Pit Bull, at the Donley Clinic at the Union Gospel Mission, Sept. 8, 2007 while Starr receives an intravenous drip to help rehydrate her. The clinic offers no-cost animal care to the homeless and low-income. Starr came from a neighbor who allegedly abused the dog by not feeding her correctly and asked the Talley’s to take care of her. Starr, 14 months old, has not been vaccinated or spayed and came to the clinic dehydrated and with a high fever. The veterinarian, Melinda Cumming, D.V.M. suspected the Parvo virus due to Starr’s symptoms and her not being vaccinated.

Starr fell ill two days ago. It was lucky for Starr as the clinic is only open the second and fourth Saturday of the month between 3 pm and 5 pm. Otherwise, the Talley’s would not have been able to treat Starr because of the cost.

Starr helps Miriama with her anxiety, depression and agoraphobia (fear of going outside). “She helps me to feel safe and secure because I know if anyone tried to hurt me, she would be right there for me,” she said.

Without the services of the clinic, Miriama said, “Starr would have died and who knows where that would have left me. I might have been dead, too,” she said. “I thank God for these people.”

donley_clinic_ek_0025_blog.jpg Steven Talley kisses his wife Miriama while they wait to see a vet for their dog Starr.


Saving Second Base

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On my last day at my internship, one of my assignments was to cover the participants at the finish line of a 60-mile trek to raise money for breast cancer research.

Janet Parker, right, and Madelyn Railing finish walking on the final day of the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-day walk, Sept. 9, 2007. Parker walked 60 miles for her mother and mother-in-law and Railing joined her for the same reason. Walkers arrived at Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium. Each walker raises $2,002. Last year the Seattle walk alone raised $6.9 million.


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Bumbershoot is a major celebration of music, art and film in Seattle that is held every Labor Day weekend. The following are a few of my favorites.

bumbershoot_ek_004_blog.jpgSophie Cottle, 7, cools off during Joss Stone’s performance at the main stage of Bumbershoot, Sept. 3, 2007.

Lupe Fiasco performs at the main stage.

Addison Tice, right, puffs tobacco on his hookah as friend Madelin Stevens puffs on her own.

A Wu-Tang Clan fan at Bumbershoot throws up his hands into a “W”, a symbol fans use to show their support for the group as they open their show.

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