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November 29, 2007

Wednesday errands

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Did some errands with Kizzy today. More to come.


Applying eye make-up before heading out to run some errands for and with her kids.


A spontaneous visit to the school finds that her youngest daughter has been acting up in class. Kizzy pulled her out of school for the remainder of the day.


November 23, 2007


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Thanksgiving tonight at Kizzy’s. Pretty mellow. Great food. Kizzy’s caretaker and friend of 15 years (“We used to party together. – Kizzy) helped her sort some bills in the early evening. We mostly chilled and watched the Cowboys game. Interesting talent show by the kids at the end of the evening, with the middle child crying as Kizzy sang a gospel song. I can’t decide between the two I’ve posted. If you have an opinion about either one, let me know. Most everything else were point pictures and not very interesting to look at. I plan to go with her on some appointments next week.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Lasunya is handed a bill by one of Kizzy’s children. Lasunya is Kizzy’s caretaker and friend of 15 years. She helps Kizzy with her shopping as well (another appointment I plan to cover).



During an impromptu after-Thanksgiving talent show Kizzy’s daughter starts to cry as her mother sings a gospel song. “I know if something is wrong with me I know she’ll be there,” her daughter said.

November 20, 2007

Seeing the Blind

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The above title is tentative, but I needed something to put there, no? So I’m working on a story about a woman named Kizzy. She is 28, a single mother of three, and blind. I’m shadowing her for as long as I’m able. Here are some shots from what I feel is my first real shooting day. We went to a bible study at her cousin’s house and later hung out at her house. More to come…

Having a smoke






Often, Kizzy’s children attempt to get away with things they normally wouldn’t if their mother was sighted. However, Kizzy often can sense when her children are doing something they aren’t supposed to. Her seven-year old climbs on the counter to grab a slice of bread knowing she isn’t supposed to be there.

Kizzy hugs her 11-year old as her 13-year old carries the “hoover” downstairs.

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