Throwing Candy

February 22, 2008


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Wow, okay so after working eight straight days and with a car trunk full of dirty laundry, I thought I’d stop at my local coffee house and do some blogging before I start on my laundering escapades.

The point for the time being will be to publish things that for whatever reason never got to hit the page, either web or print because of space considerations or what have you. Or pictures that played teeny-tiny on the page, or pictures with wild color that for some reason ran two-column inside black and white.

I’m not going to post every single bit of minutiae. Most of the pictures I make are fairly banal. They’re important to the reader or the person in the picture, but most of the time they don’t make the cut for me in terms of style and content. Not to say everything you see on here will be blazing awesome, but just some work I want to share with parents and friends who can’t otherwise see my work.

This guy was getting his teeth whitened at a home and garden show.

These folks were living in an apartment complex close to the medical center to treat his cancer. They’re from a small town in Arkansas and the apartment complex is non-profit and free of charge to those who stay there.

A local chef makes nice with his food.

A little weather art. This is actually outside the Obama headquarters in Houston.

The following images are from a supercross event I photographed at Reliant Stadium.

The start of one of the heats.

This pit crew guy seems to be saying “Dude, hurry the ‘f’ up!”

This is a 58′ jump if I’m not mistaken. Crazy.

High-flyin’ Texas fun.

Waaaaaa!Waaaaaaaaaa! Those are my sound effects for the motorcycles. Pretty sweet, huh?

Note to self: Don’t try to grab onto a moving semi truck cruising down the highway.

I thought this was a decent moment from an assignment that almost felt more like PR than journalism. She and her family are receiving free furniture, courtesy of a non-profit. She seems pretty stoked to me.

Not a great Obama photo, but decent. I had to cover the podium from a deck with a 400mm lens.

Lots of people are pointing to the White House for Obama.

From a business assignment inside an electronics store. 50 Cent in the background seems to be pleading for this guy to stop.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned…


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