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August 31, 2008

Heat and humidity

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Its the first thing people sometimes think of when the word “Houston” is mentioned. The city has been living up to its expectations lately. I’ve had a recent dose of time-travel when my air conditioner in my tiny garage apartment hit the skids. I’ve been thinking to myself “so this is what it was like for people here before the mid-20th century.” With heat also comes increased activity. I’ve been frenetic and again have let my blogging skills lapse. Not having my regular steady stream of temperature-controlled, dehumidified air into my humble 300 square foot flat, however, has given me pause, enough to bring you the following blog post…

British spy novelist Stella Rimington, whose latest book is titled Illegal Action. Before turning to spy fiction, Rimington headed MI5, Britain’s counterintelligence service, which made her the country’s top spycatcher.

Adriel Arocha, 5, stands outside Needville High School, after his mother Michelle spoke to the Needville school board about her son’s hair. The board decided to not change their hair length policy. Later, Arocha was quietly allowed to attend school without cutting his hair.

Raasin McIntosh, RB, takes a knee after performing wind sprints near the conclusion of practice. The H-Town Cyclones, Houston’s new professional women’s football team, will play in the world championship game July 26 in Tennessee. This is powder puff league, but a full-contact tackle sport. “This is rock ’em sock ’em get carried off in a stretcher football,” says league owner Catherine Masters.

Ashley McCuin, RB, puts on her uniform before practice.

John Rarden (9-0, 5 KO, yellow shorts) fights Derrick Moon (12-20-1, 2 KO, white shorts) at Reliant Arena in a six round fight in the 142 lbs. class. Rarden was victorious.

Sylvie Goldin was injured while riding her motorcycle between patients (she’s a pediatric in-home occupational therapist) June 2 – her left knee was badly banged up but is recovering quickly.

SGT. John Stubbs, right, helps SPC. Brad Beard install and test a radio inside a humvee as members of the 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team prepare to head out to assist in hurricane preparedness as Tropical Storm Dolly heads towards the south Texas coast area.

Solider Dale Jackson checks a fuel tanker.

Members of the 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team prepare to head out to assist in hurricane preparedness.

Brandon Barnes, 18, visits the tombstone of Luther B. Felder, a WWII veteran during a visit to a slave and later traditionally African-American cemetery during the Urban Debate Camp, a week-long camp offered at Prairie View A&M University. The campers visited the Wyatt Chapel Community Cemetery near campus. The cemetery, according to a Texas Historical Commission plaque on the grounds, is located on land that was originally part of Jared E. Kirby’s Alta Vista Plantation. According to oral tradition, the Kirby family set aside this land as a burial site for their slaves.

Games were sparsely attended as Bay Area Toros unload one of their vans in the parking lot of the field before a game against the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs in Corpus Christi, TX,

The Bay Area Toros get warmed up before a game against the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs.

Maintenance workers with Taco Cabana remove outdoor umbrellas in preparation for Tropical Storm Edouard at a Gulf Freeway location.

Sylvia Orta Perez, 32, who had gym class with Jennifer Ertman in middle school, takes a moment at the memorial site for Ertman and Elizabeth Pena in TC Jester Park. Asked what memories she had of Ertman, Perez said, “She had a beautiful smile.” Jose Medellin, one of the people involved in Ertman and Pena’s rape and murder, was scheduled to be executed in Huntsville that evening.

Six caskets for six victims of last week’s bus crash in Sherman, TX lie in state during a Mass and wake at Our Lady of Lavang Church.

Mourners visit Maria Vu Pham T. Thuy during a wake for six victims of the bus crash in Sherman, TX last Friday.

Mourners visit Madalena Hoang Thi Dung one last time.

Mourners listen to a Mass service for six of the victims of the bus crash in Sherman, TX last week at Our Lady of Lavang Church in Houston, TX.

Miguel Tejada signs autographs before they play the Giants, August 14, 2008.

An Astros fan throws back a home run ball hit by Arizona Diamondbacks Chris Young in the seventh inning, August 15, 2008 at Minute Maid Park.

Giants right fielder Randy Winn leaps for a home run hit play in the seventh inning against the Astros, August 12, 2008.

Michelle Phillips and her son both suffer from school anxiety. Three decades later and Michelle Phillips still cries at the memory of elementary school. She’d wake up hopeful each day that she’d be able to conquer her fear of going to school. She’d confidently dress, eat breakfast and pack her supplies, but anxiety would overwhelm her by the time she got in the car. On the rare day when she made it to Stevenson Elementary, she’d freeze in the hallway. “It was a living hell,” the 43-year-old recalls. “It’s like the walls had closed in.”

Kyle Cielencki, 15, hits the coping of a bench at the skatepark Sunday afternoon on the last day of the summer vacation in Houston.

Devotees line up to enter the temple during the celebration of Janmashtami, recognizing the birth of Lord Krishna at the Hara Krishna Temple, Houston, TX. The evening included Vaishnava-Hindu worship services, traditional Indian music and dance, cultural presentations and a complimentary vegetarian feast, The International Society for Krishna Consciousness hosted this event.

Devotees remove their shoes and stand in line to the temple during the celebration of Janmashtami

Devotees pray during the celebration of Janmashtami.

Devotees ring a bell after praying and leaving the temple.

A priest blows a conch during the celebration.

A devotee prays.

A devotee holds tulasi, or prayer beads made from holy basil tree. There are 108 beads and devotees are supposed to make 16 rounds each day, chanting the Hare Krishna Maha mantra each time.

Lord Krishna is shown on a relief inside the temple as devotees pray.

Devotees pour a mixture of milk, honey, butter and yogurt over a statue of Bal Gopal, or “Baby Krishna.”

Aloka, cener, prays during the celebration.


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